Journal: Academic Medicine Author: Whitcomb, M.E Publication Date: Jul 2002 Volume Number: 77 Issue: 7 Page Numbers: 591-761
Description: In this editorial Michael E. Whitcomb provides an overview of ambulatory care education in the US since the 1980s and introduces the articles in this special themed issue on ambulatory care.

Other papers included in this issue:

An Efficient and Effective Teaching Model for Ambulatory Education -Regan-Smith, Martha; Young, William W.; Keller, Adam M.

Development of a Handheld Computer Documentation System to Enhance an Integrated Primary Care Clerkship - Pipas, Catherine F.; Carney, Patricia A.; Eliassen, M. Scottie et al.

A Collaborative Model for Supporting Community‚Äźbased Interdisciplinary Education - Carney, Patricia A.; Schifferdecker, Karen E.; Pipas, Catherine F. et al.

Assessing Quality and Costs of Education in the Ambulatory Setting: A Review of the Literature - Bowen, Judith L.; Irby, David M.

An Analysis of Students' Clinical Experiences in an Integrated Primary Care Clerkship - Carney, Patricia A.; Pipas, Catherine F.; Eliassen, M. Scottie; et al.

Evidence for Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Rotations: A Review of the Literature - Ogrinc, Gregory; Mutha, Sunita; Irby, David M.
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