Journal: Perspectives in Medical Education Author: Duijn, C.C.M.A., Welink, L.S., Mandoki, M., ten Cate, O.T.J., Kremer, W.D.J. & Bok, H.G.J. Publication Date: Jun 2017 Volume Number: Epub ahead Issue: of print
Description: Receiving feedback while in the clinical workplace is probably the most frequently voiced desire of students. In clinical learning environments, providing and seeking performance-relevant information is often difficult for both supervisors and students. The use of entrustable professional activities (EPAs) can help to improve student assessment within competency-based education. This study aimed to illustrate what students’ perceptions are of meaningful feedback viewed as conducive in preparing for performing EPA unsupervised.

In a qualitative multicentre study we explored students’ perceptions on meaningful feedback related to EPAs in the clinical workplace. Focus groups were conducted in three different healthcare institutes. Based on concepts from the literature, the transcripts were coded, iteratively reduced and displayed.
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