Journal: Medical Education Online Author: Ola Lindberg Publication Date: Feb 2010 Volume Number: 15 Page Numbers: 4884
Description: Do education programmes in medical school adequately prepare students for the workplace?, is a recurring question. According to Lindberg medical education still faces some problems in the transition from education to work. The authors looked at how well a Swedish medical programme was judged by alumni, who had worked for 1 - 2½ years in different parts of the country, to prepare them to work as a physician. According to the alumni there were areas where their programme had failed to prepare them satisfactorily. Problem areas including competencies in clinical skills, handling stressful situations and in applied rather than foundational knowledge about common symptoms and diseases.

SUBMITTED BY: Ronald Harden
Support links: ‘The Next Step’ – alumni students’ views on their preparation for their first position as a physician