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Key Journal Articles

MedEdWorld provides an easily searchable selection of key journal articles recommended and contributed by members. In some cases, direct access to publications in medical education is available.

Articles are listed in order of Publication Date. Use the search funtion to locate an article of interest to you.

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Title Journal Publication Date

Twelve tips to improve bedside teaching.

Medical Teacher Feb 2003

Learning How to Learn : Problem Based Learning

Australian Journal of Teacher Education Jan 2003

Feedback and Reflection: Teaching Methods for Clinical Settings

Academic Medicine Dec 2002

Ambulatory care education: what we know and what we don't

Academic Medicine Jul 2002

Are extended-matching multiple-choice items appropriate for a final test in medical education?

Medical Teacher Apr 2002

Assessment of clinical competence

Lancet, The Mar 2001

Refreshing lecturing: a guide for lecturers. AMEE Guide No. 22.

Medical Teacher Jan 2001

Portfolios as a method of student assessment. AMEE Guide No. 24.

Medical Teacher Jan 2001

Twelve tips for setting up an ambulatory care (outpatient) teaching care teaching centre

Medical Teacher Jan 2001

Using the Ambulatory Care Teaching Centre to develop opportunities for integrated learning

Medical Teacher Jan 2001

Curricular Change in Medical Schools: How to Succeed

Academic Medicine Jun 2000

“No Fear” Curricular Change: Monitoring Curricular Change in the W. K. Kellogg Foundation's National Initiative on Community Partnerships and Health Professions Education

Academic Medicine Jun 2000

The good teacher is more than a lecturer - the twelve roles of the teacher. AMEE Guide 20.

Medical Teacher Jan 2000

Transformative Learning in Healthcare

PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning Jan 2000

Women's health and gender bias in medical education.

Research in the Sociology of Health Care Jan 2000

Portfolio-based learning and assessment in medical education. AMEE Guide No. 11 (Revised).

Medical Teacher Jan 1999

A problem-based preclinical course for dental students


PBL Farm

Advances in Health Sciences Education (Theory and Practice): Content Pages Apr 1997

The effectiveness of peer tutoring in further and higher education: A typology and review of the literature.

Higher Education Oct 1996

Performance-Based Assessment: Lessons From the Health Professions

Educational Researcher May 1995

Contributions of the history, physical examination, and laboratory investigation in making clinical diagnosis.

Western Journal of Medicine Feb 1992

Understanding reliability. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice

Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice Mar 1991

Assessment of clinical competence using objective structured examination.

British Medical Journal (BMJ) Feb 1982