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Key Journal Articles

MedEdWorld provides an easily searchable selection of key journal articles recommended and contributed by members. In some cases, direct access to publications in medical education is available.

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Title Journal Publication Date

The Metrics of the Physician Brain Drain

The New England Journal of Medicine Oct 2005

AMEE Guide No 26: clinical teaching in ambulatory care settings: making the most of learning opportunities with outpatients

Medical Teacher Aug 2005

Lay participation in medical school curriculum development: whose problem is it?

Medical Education Jul 2005

Can a dedicated teaching and learning environment in ambulatory care improve the acquisition of learning outcomes?

Medical Teacher Apr 2005

Assessing professional competence: from methods to programmes

Medical Education Mar 2005

Clinical teachers and problem-based learning: a phenomenological study

Medical Education Jan 2005

Lectures in problem-based learning - Why, when and how? An example of interactive lecturing that stimulates meaningful learning.

Medical Teacher Jan 2005

Interactive lecturing for meaningful learning in large groups.

Medical Teacher Jan 2005

Features and uses of high-fidelity medical simulations that lead to effective learning: a BEME systematic review

Medical Teacher Jan 2005

The Delphi method as a research tool: an example, design considerations and applications.

Information & Management Dec 2004

What can experience add to early medical education? Consensus survey.

British Medical Journal (BMJ) Oct 2004

Problem-Based Learning: What and How Do Students Learn?

Educational Psychology Review Sep 2004

Taxonomy for Competency-Based Dental Curricula

Journal of Dental Education Sep 2004

Improving the fairness of multiple-choice questions: a literature review.

Medical Teacher Aug 2004

Changing education, changing assessment, changing research?

Medical Education Aug 2004

Reliability: on the reproducibility of assessment data

Medical Education Aug 2004

Strategies for teaching the sociological imagination to medical students: The role of embodiment.

Health Sociology Review Apr 2004

'On Track' – an educational resource to support dental SHO training


Applying learning outcomes to dental education


The specification of learning outcomes in dentistry


The changing face of dental education


Ambulatory Care Education: How Do Academic Medical Centers, Affiliated Residency Teaching Sites, and Community Based Practices Compare?

Academic Medicine Jan 2004

OSCE! Variations on a theme by Harden

Medical Education Dec 2003

What Is an “Expert Student?”

Educational Researcher Nov 2003

Problem-based learning: effects on standard outcomes

Journal of Dental Education Sep 2003

Validity: on the meaningful interpretation of assessment data

Medical Education Sep 2003

In our opinion: The First Five Years — A framework for Dental Undergraduate Education


Teaching Social and Cultural Awareness to Medical Students: "It's All Very Nice to Talk about It in Theory, But Ultimately It Makes No Difference".

Academic Medicine Jun 2003

AMEE Guide No. 25: The assessment of learning outcomes for the competent and reflective physician

Medical Teacher Jun 2003

Overcoming Barriers to Teaching the Behavioral and Social Science to Medical Students

Academic Medicine Apr 2003