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Key Journal Articles

MedEdWorld provides an easily searchable selection of key journal articles recommended and contributed by members. In some cases, direct access to publications in medical education is available.

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Title Journal Publication Date

Designing a dental curriculum for the twenty-first century


A two factor model of performance approach goals in student motivation for starting medical school

Issues in Educational Research Nov 2009

Teaching Strategies for the Net Generation

Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal Nov 2009

The effect of team-based learning in medical ethics education

Medical Teacher Nov 2009

The Impact of Senior Medical Students' Personal Difficulties on Their Communication Patterns in Breaking Bad News

Academic Medicine Nov 2009

Categorization of unprofessional behaviours identified during administration of and remediation after a comprehensive clinical performance examination using a validated professionalism framework

Medical Teacher Nov 2009

Designing Better Graphs by Including Distributional Information and Integrating Words, Numbers, and Images

Psychological Methods Nov 2009

The effect of reminder letters on the uptake of an e-learning programme on dementia: a randomized trial in general practice

Family Practice Nov 2009

From boutique to basic: a call for standardised education in global health

Medical Education Nov 2009

Peace is Not Simply the Absence of War

Academic Medicine Nov 2009

Faculty as Simulated Patients (FSP) in assessing medical students ' clinical reasoning skills

Education for Health Nov 2009

From medicine's margins - Why all the interest in rural and remote education?

Medical Teacher Nov 2009

Is PHEEM a multi dimensional instrument

Medical Teacher Nov 2009

Learning professionalism during the third year of medical school in a 9-month-clinical rotation in rural Minnesota

Medical Teacher Nov 2009

Using rural and remote settings in the undergraduate medical curriculum: AMEE Guide No. 47

Medical Teacher Nov 2009

Communicating across cultures: suggested teaching strategies

Education for Health Nov 2009

The unintended consequences of portfolios in graduate medical education

Academic Medicine Nov 2009

Economic Progress and Health Improvement

British Medical Journal (BMJ) Nov 2009

Is There a Relationship Between High Quality Performance in Major Teaching Hospitals and Residents' Knowledge of Quality & Patient Safety

Academic Medicine Nov 2009

Experiences from a medical students' well-being workshop

Medical Education Nov 2009

Problem based self-directed lifelong participatory learning in medical educators and their audience: Reflective lessons learnt from a lecture series

Journal of Education Research Oct 2009

Storytelling as an Instructional method : Definitions and Research Questions

Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning Oct 2009

Reflection and reflective practice in health professions education: a systematic review.

Advances in Health Sciences Education Oct 2009

Impact of resident well-being and empathy on assessments of faculty physicians

Journal of General Internal Medicine Oct 2009

Cracks and crevices: Globalization discourse and medical education

Medical Teacher Oct 2009

Impact of a short yoga intervention on medical students' health: A pilot study

Medical Teacher Oct 2009

Student Selected Components (SSCs): AMEE Guide No 46

Medical Teacher Oct 2009

The Development and Implementation of a Health-System-Wide Evaluation System for Education Activities: Build It and They Will Come

Academic Medicine Oct 2009

Resident physicians’ perspectives on effective outpatient teaching: a qualitative study

Advances in Health Sciences Education (Theory and Practice): Content Pages Oct 2009

Perspective: Educating Physicians to Lead Hospitals

Academic Medicine Oct 2009