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Key Journal Articles

MedEdWorld provides an easily searchable selection of key journal articles recommended and contributed by members. In some cases, direct access to publications in medical education is available.

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Title Journal Publication Date

Writing competitive research conference abstracts: AMEE Guide no. 108

Medical Teacher Sep 2016

What are threshold concepts and how can they inform medical education?

Medical Teacher Aug 2016

Simulation-based education: understanding the socio-cultural complexity of a surgical training ‘boot camp’

Medical Education Aug 2016

Aligning physical learning spaces with the curriculum: AMEE Guide No. 107

Medical Teacher Aug 2016

A systematic review of faculty development initiatives designed to enhance teaching effectiveness: A 10-year update: BEME Guide No. 40

Medical Teacher Aug 2016

Toward diversity-responsive medical education: taking an intersectionality-based approach to a curriculum evaluation

Advances in Health Sciences Education Aug 2016

A meta-ethnography of interview-based qualitative research studies on medical students’ views and experiences of empathy

Medical Teacher Aug 2016

Twelve tips on setting up and running a peer-led medical education society

Medical Teacher Aug 2016

Adoption and correlates of Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure (PHEEM) in the evaluation of learning environments – A systematic review

Medical Teacher Aug 2016

Evaluation of a new community-based curriculum in disaster medicine for undergraduates

BMC Medical Education Aug 2016

Development of a self-assessment teamwork tool for use by medical and nursing students

BMC Medical Education Aug 2016

Identifying the Dominant Personality Profiles in Medical Students: Implications for Their Well-Being and Resilience

PLoS ONE Aug 2016

Basic science in integrated curricula

Perspectives in Medical Education Aug 2016

Using low-cost Android tablets and instructional videos to teach clinical skills to medical students in Kenya: a prospective study

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine: Open Aug 2016

Student perceptions of a spiral curriculum

European Journal of Dental Education Aug 2016

Conference Report: The Humanization of Health Sciences through Innovation in Health Professions Education

- Aug 2016

Health-related quality of life of medical students in a Brazilian student loan programme

Perspectives in Medical Education Aug 2016

An evaluation of the current patterns and practices of educational supervision in postgraduate medical education in the UK

Perspectives in Medical Education Aug 2016

Pre-clerkship clinical skills and clinical reasoning course performance: Explaining the variance in clerkship performance

Perspectives in Medical Education Aug 2016

Predictors of professional placement outcome: cultural background, English speaking and international student status

Perspectives in Medical Education Aug 2016

On variation and uncertainty

Perspectives in Medical Education Aug 2016

Point of view filming and the elicitation interview

Perspectives in Medical Education Aug 2016

Teamwork of clinical teachers in postgraduate medical training

PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning Aug 2016

Giving Context to the Physician Competency Reference Set: Adapting to the Needs of Diverse Populations

Academic Medicine Jul 2016

Value of supervised learning events in predicting doctors in difficulty

Medical Education Jul 2016

Ultrasound and stethoscope as tools in medical education and practice: considerations for the archives

Advances in Medical Education and Practice Jul 2016

Crystal clear or tin ear: how do medical students interpret derogatory comments about patients and other professionals?

Medical Education Online Jul 2016

Stress and wellbeing of junior doctors in Australia: a comparison with American doctors and population norms

BMC Medical Education Jul 2016

Effects of structured written feedback by cards on medical students’ performance at mini clinical evaluation exercise (Mini-CEX) in an outpatient clinic

Journal of Advances in Medical Education and Professionalism Jul 2016

Respective value of the traditional clinical rotation and high fidelity simulation on the acquisition of clinical reasoning skills in medical students – A Randomized Controlled Trial

MedEdPublish Jul 2016