Description: The OSCE can be an expensive and time consuming examination methods as checklists and examination schedules must be created, verified and printed, standardized patients must be recruited and trained.

The Electronic Registration of Objective Structured Clinical Examination (eOSCE) aims to create a more efficient and entirely digital preparation, execution and analysis process of OSCEs which is less erroneous and quicker to evaluate.

The system consists of three components: an iPad app which enables examiners to assess candidates’ performance; a Mac OSX desktop app which is used to schedule and prepare the examination data; and a mobile iPhone app that can be used to monitor the examination state and alerts the administrator of any technical problems. All examination data is digitally encrypted and stored securely and reliably on a server.

Through this system eOSCE aims to create a more satisfactory OSCE process.

English, German and French are currently supported.
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