Description: The Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT) is a multiple choice learning and assessment system. It is suited to classroom assessment.

The IF-AT uses a multiple-choice answer form with a thin opaque film covering the answer options. Instead of using a pencil to fill in a circle, each student scratches off his/her answer as if scratching a lottery ticket. The student scratches off the coating of the rectangle corresponding with his/her first-choice answer. If the answer is correct, a star or other symbol appears somewhere within the rectangle indicating he/she found the correct answer. The student’s learning is immediately reinforced, the student receives full credit for the answer, and moves on to the next question.

If incorrect, the student must re-read the question and remaining answer options and scratch off a second or even third choice until the correct answer is identified. The student will earn partial credit for multiple attempts and learn the correct response for each question while taking the test. One of the keys to the IF-AT system is that students never leave a question without knowing the correct answer.
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