Description: Exam Consult from Elsevier is a powerful examination preparation and simulation tool.

It offers comprehensive coverage of your curriculum at precisely the level needed; enables flexibility to ways of studying, has tools to accurately track progress against past performance and the performance of peers, and has carefully selected supporting content from leading textbooks for every answer, to aid further study and address any areas of weakness.

The questions are written by experienced authors who are highly knowledgeable of the range questions asked throughout the undergraduate curriculum and at finals. Each question has undergone a rigorous review process before being accepted.

Exams can be created and tailored by:

New questions
Previously incorrect answers
All questions

Students can take an exam in 'test' or 'practice' mode.

All questions have short rationales for why an answer is right or wrong.

In addition Exam Consult offers further extended explanations called 'targeted learning' selected from Elsevier's most trusted sources, which include: Kumar and Clark, Davidson's, the Crash Course Series and Gray's Anatomy for Students.

Exam Consult has been in use at St Andrew's University, UK for the past year, with very positive results.

Take a look at the website, St Andrew's University Institutional Statement, and a free demo through the web links below.
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