Description: The leading provider of Medical Education software Next Dimension Imaging announces the launch of of a new product - AnatomyLab IV. This product combines information technology with 3 dimensional visualisation. Addition of both, user content and online access to structurally related information are essential features of AnatomyLab IV and other medical education products from Next Dimension Imaging.

The software company had published its first anatomical education software five years ago and it introduced many innovative features that have become a standard for human anatomical software. With the goal to provide innovative learning software, which would fully utilize modern software technology and information technology, a product platform had been designed which can do more than 3-dimensional viewing.

Before the first product was developed, the designers dropped the commonly used 3D-model-centric architecture and developed a product platform with a clear-cut '3D-View' architecture. A 3D-View represents a 3-dimensional regional view into the human body which can be interactively navigated. Since the view does not contain model data, it can be saved as a tiny file. By attaching user-specific medical information and user-specific content and links to a 3D-View file, AnatomyLab converts from a sole 3D viewing system into a powerful open system for learning, presentation and reference. Collections of 3D-Views can be grouped, searched, shared, emailed, published and quickly recalled for a live presentation. The library of 3D-Views forms a multimedia Anatomy Atlas which can be tailored to specific learning content, terminology and language.

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