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As is often said and frequently repeated, “….the world of healthcare education is changing.”

The last 20 years has seen major innovations in teaching and learning methodologies; great strides made in how we assess our students effectively; the introduction of quality markers to ensure a competent undergraduate and postgraduate, fit-for purpose student and a move away from the traditional teaching hospital towards the reality of community teaching. Most of these innovations have been supported by educational theory, which has introduced new blood into the previously medically dominated group of educators; psychometricians, educational psychologists, behavioural theorists and social scientists to name but a few. Educational research has taken on a new lease of life with more academic papers, guides, reviews and books being produced than ever before. Information Technology is now a given as opposed to a luxury for many educational organisations.

However, innovation frequently comes at a price; consequent upon these changes is a whole new language- the language of medical education, which like its parent specialty, continues to grow and develop. Glossaries, aimed at explaining this new language come but frequently go – a static glossary is out of date almost as soon as it hits the bookshelves, which is neither helpful nor healthy, especially for the new educator.

As a way of dealing with this problem, MedEdWorld has introduced its own Glossary of Medical Education Terminology but unlike other glossaries, the aim is to produce a living variant.

The MedEdWorld Glossary is presently populated by terms frequently used and amalgamated from previous AMEE Glossaries. Each term used is followed by a definition and a source reference. Early next year the list of terms will be extended to include some of the newer terms and phrases, each one supported by an appropriate reference.  The list of terms will be developed by asking authors of Medical Teacher papers to provide a definition of terms used in their paper as well as a reference source. These terms and their definition will appear both in the MedEdWorld Glossary and as an appendix to the paper as it appears in Medical Teacher.

The Glossary of Terms addresses the needs not only of new educators but anyone involved in medical education and we would welcome any suggestions or comments from the MedEdWorld community.

The MedEdWorld Glossary is available to registered users and AMEE and MedEdWorld members. To access the Glossary register as a user for FREE, login to MedEdWorld with your AMEE username and password or join as an AMEE or MedEdWorld member.