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Resources - About Medical Education

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Text / paper EDUCAUSE

Method of the Month: Team-Based Learning

Text / paper Kennedy C

Team-Based Learning Collaborative

Website Team-Based Learning Collaborative

Duke School of Medicine embraces Team-Based Learning

Video clip Duke University School of Medicine

Team-Based Learning: Group Work that Works

Video clip University of Texas at Austin

OSCE Training website

Website Queen's University Belfast

What’s the place of technology in learning? Lawrence Cremin and Maya Mayor provide a historical perspective

Video clip Cremin L and Mayor M

De Bono's 6 thinking hats

Video clip De Bono

AMEE 2012: Closing Prizes

Conference Video Presented by Madalena Patricio

AMEE 2012 Spotlights: Continuum of Education

Conference Video Robert Galbraith

AMEE 2012 Spotlights: Assessment

Conference Video Richard Hays

AMEE 2012 Spotlights: Simulation

Conference Video Doris Ostergaard

AMEE 2012 Spotlights: Research in Medical Education

Conference Video Lotte Dyrbye

AMEE 2012 Spotlights: Faculty Development

Conference Video Yvonne Steinert

AMEE 2012, Session 11 Questions and Discussion

Conference Video Trudie Roberts moderates

AMEE 2012 Plenary 11B: Ms. Curiosity and Doctor Cat - a dramatic romance

Conference Video Raquel Correia

AMEE 2012 Plenary 11A: The patient partner in care at the heart of medical education

Conference Video Vincent Dumez

AMEE 2012 Symposium 10A: Performance Based Continuing Professional Development

Conference Video David Davis and Nancy Davis

AMEE 2012 Symposium 9A: Assessing Clinical Teachers’ Professional Behaviours

Conference Video Yvonne Steinert, Meredith Young, Richard Cruess, Sylvia Cruess, Kiki Lombarts, Darcy Reed and Fred Hafferty

AMEE 2012 Symposium 8A: Preparing Leaders in Health Professions Education

Conference Video Ara Tekian, Trudie Roberts, John Norcini, Helen Batty and David Cook

AMEE 2012 Symposium 7A: Medical student selection: to choose the best or to exclude the unsuited?

Conference Video Brian Kelly, David Powis, Steven Hurwitz, Miles Bore, Don Munro and Jon Dowell

AMEE 2012 Symposium 6A: Lifelong Learning – from the classroom to the point of care

Conference Video Ron Murray, Eugene Pozniak, Edwin Borman, Ina Weisshardt and Julie Simper

AMEE 2012 Plenary, session 5C: The continuum of education and the practicing doctor

Conference Video N G Patil

AMEE 2012 Plenary, session 5B: The Requirements of Medical Education in Postgraduate Training

Conference Video Carsten Mohrhardt

AMEE 2012 Plenary, session 5A: Science in Medical Education: More than transmitting facts!

Conference Video Aviad Haramati

AMEE 2012 Symposium: The International ‘Moral Maze’ – can licensing professional assessments of clinical competence be made fair and fit for all qualified takers, regardless of their backgrounds?

Conference Video Iona Heath, Kamila Hawthorne, John Spicer and Melvin Xavier

AMEE 2012 Symposium: The globalization of medical education and its discontents

Conference Video Ming-Jung Ho, Brian Hodges, Tina Martimianakis and Christophe Segouin

AMEE 2012 Plenary, session 1: Achieving the Continuum in Medical Education: Who says it cannot be done?

Conference Video Lewis R First (National Board of Medical Examiners, Philadelphia, USA)

AMEE 2012 Opening Session

Conference Video Madalena Patricio, Jean François Denef, François-Noël Gilly and Jean François Arrue

Teaching with Technology: Tools and strategies to improve student learning

Text / paper Various