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Resources - About Medical Education

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Téléchargez le Référentiel de compétences CanMEDS 2015 pour les médecins

N/A Frank, J.R., Snell, L., and Sherbino, J.

CanMEDS 2015 Physician Competency Framework

N/A Frank, J.R., Snell, L., and Sherbino, J.

AMEE-ESME Online course language options

Images Kennedy, C.

Non-linear dynamics for clinicians: chaos theory, fractals, and complexity at the bedside

Text / paper Goldberger, A.L.

Negotiation Theory and Practice: A Review of the Literature

Text / paper Alfredson, T. & Cungu', A.

A model for programmatic assessment fit for purpose

Text / paper van der Vleuten, C.P.M., Schuwirth, L.W.T., Driessen, E.W., Dijkstra, J., Tigelaar, D., Baartman, L.K.J. & van Tartwijk, J

Professor Harden's PowerPoint Slides from AAMC Meeting 2015

PowerPoint Ronald Harden

AMEE 2014 Welcome and Introduction Session

Conference Video Ronald Harden

AMEE 2014 Awards

Conference Video Various

AMEE 2014 Plenary 1A Meanings of medicine: the convergence and crises of civilisations

Conference Video Richard Horton

AMEE 2014 Plenary 1B Disruption, Distraction, Diversion or Delight: The Love/Hate Tug of War Between Technology and Medical Education

Conference Video Lawrence Sherman

AMEE 2014 Opening Entertainment

Conference Video Various

AMEE 2014 Symposium2A Competencies and Milestones: Will those who ignore the past be condemned to repeat it?

Conference Video Debra Klamen, Reed Williams, Nicole Roberts, Anna Cianciolo

AMEE 2014 Symposium2B Creating effective learning with new technology in the 21st Century: The importance of educational theories. An AMEE eLearning Committee Symposium

Conference Video John Sandars, Goh Poh Sun, Natalie Lafferty, Patricia Kokotailo, Rakesh Patel

AMEE 2014 Symposium3A Where is the line between sloppy and scientifically irresponsible? A discussion to promote excellence in medical education research

Conference Video Erik Driessen, David A. Cook, Lorelei Lingard, Cees Van der Vleuten, Nynke Van Dijk

AMEE 2014 Symposium3B Validity Issues in Medical Education Assessment

Conference Video Katharine Boursicot, Christy Boscardin, Richard Fuller, Marjan Govaerts, Saskia Wools, Trudie Roberts

AMEE 2014 Symposium4A Simulation-based Mastery Learning in Medical Education

Conference Video William McGaghie, S. Barry Issenberg, Diane B. Wayne, Doris Ostergaard

AMEE 2014 Symposium4B New Perspectives on Curriculum and Course Design: The End of PBL?

Conference Video Jeroen Van Merrienboer, Diana Dolmans, Geoff Norman, Ann Roex, Feikje van Stiphout

AMEE 2014 Symposium5A Building Continuous Quality Improvement into an Accreditation System: Benefits and Challenges

Conference Video Barbara Barzansky, Geneviève Moineau, Dan Hunt, Ducksun Ahn, Chi-Wan Lai

AMEE 2014 Symposium5B Recent Developments in Research on Clinical Reasoning and Implications for Medical Education

Conference Video Geoff Norman, Henk Schmidt,; Silvia Mamede, Martine Chamberland

AMEE 2014 Plenary6A Directions for change in design of learning spaces for health professions: global insights

Conference Video Jonas Nordquist, Andrew Laing

AMEE 2014 Symposium7A Advancing Clinical Education through Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships

Conference Video Chris Roberts, David Hirsh, Jill Thistlethwaite, Diana Dolmans

AMEE 2014 Symposium7B Variations on the theme of professionalism: Students’ experiences of professionalism dilemmas across culture

Conference Video Ming-Jung Ho, Lynn Monrouxe, Charlotte Rees, Madawa Chandratilake, Fabrizio Consorti, Shiphra Ginsburg

AMEE 2014 Symposium8A Make your teaching count: Initiatives to elevate the status of the Medical Educator IAMSE SESSION

Conference Video Katherine Hyland, Manuel João Costa, Aviad Haramati, Amy Wilson-Delfosse

AMEE 2014 Symposium8B Embracing Uncertainty in Research Findings: Exploring how research assumptions influence outcomes in qualitative and quantitative paradigms

Conference Video Benjamin Boerebach, Esther Helmich, Onyebuchi Arah, Lorelei Lingard

AMEE 2014 Symposium9A The Value, Place and Effectiveness of Research in the Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Curriculum

Conference Video Davinder Sandhu, Dario Torre, Anthony Artino, Jonathan Sandy, Eric Holmboe

AMEE 2014 Symposium9B The Science of Learning and Change in Continuing Professional Development

Conference Video Jann Balmer, Jonas Nordquist, Don Moore, Robert Galbraith, Maureen Doyle-Scharff

AMEE 2014 Symposium10A From Professionalism to Professional Identity Formation: A Journey, Not a Destination

Conference Video Yvonne Steinert, Richard Cruess, Sylvia Cruess, Linda Snell, Frederic Hafferty

AMEE 2014 Symposium10B The Educational Culture in Medical Schools

Conference Video Stijntje Dijk, Agostinho Moreira de Sousa, David Gordon, Otmar Klober

AMEE 2014 Plenary11A Lewis First

Conference Video Lewis First