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Resources - About Medical Education

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Conscience Sensitive Medical Ethics Education

Video lecture Margaret Gaffney

Narrative, Reflection, and the Fostering of Empathy in Medical Education

Video lecture Presenter: Arno Kumagai, MD

Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform from The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Video lecture Presenter: David Irby, PhD

Public Health at Pitt: Local to Global Perspectives

Video lecture Presenter: Donald S. Burke, MD

Collective Competence?: Rethinking the Discourse of Competence in the Context of Teamwork

Video lecture Presenter: Lorelei Lingard, PhD

The Institutional Context of Multicultural Education

Video lecture Presenter: Jann Murray-Garcia, MD, MPH

Evaluation of Educational Innovations for Students and Residents: Principles to Enhance Medical Educ

Video lecture Presenter: Judy A. Shea, PhD

Global Health Education: What in the World Must We Do?

Video lecture Presenter: Robert C. Bollinger, MD, MPH

Defining Professionalism from the Perspective of Patients, Nurses, and Physicians

Video lecture Presenter: Gregory Makoul, PhD

The Future of Pathology

Video lecture Presenter: George Michalopoulos, MD, PhD

Self-Assessment, Self Direction, Self-Regulation, and Other Myths

Video lecture Presenter: Glenn Regehr, PhD

Learning in Dynamic Environments

Video lecture Presenter: Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez, PhD

The Role of Experience in Clinical Expertise

Video lecture Presenter: Geoff Norman, PhD

"Feedback in Clinical Medical Education"--25 years later

Video lecture Presenter: Jack Ende, MD

The Impact of Peer Assessment on Professional Development

Video lecture Presenter: Ronald Epstein, MD

Anesthesiology: Is There a Future?

Video lecture Presenter: John Williams, MD

Competency-Based vs. Faith-Based Education: Are We Serious about Practicing What We Preach?

Video lecture Presenter: Larry Gruppen, PhD

Trends in the Health of the Nursing Workforce: Impact on the Clinical Environment

Video lecture Presenter: Pamela Klauer Triolo, PhD, RN, FAAN

Derogatory and Cynical Clinical Humor: The Joke's on Whom?

Video lecture Presenter: Joseph Zarconi, MD

Anticipating, Eliciting, and Interpreting Physical Findings: A Hypothesis-Driven Physical Exam

Video lecture Presenter: Georges Bordage, MD, PhD

Using Complementary Medicine to Advance Both Science and Professionalism in the Medical Curriculum

Video lecture Presenter: Aviad Haramati, PhD

Diagnostic Errors in Medical Education: Where Wrongs Can Make Rights

Video lecture Presenter: Kevin Eva, PhD

Why We Need an Updated "Osler Report" and Not a "Flexner Report"

Video lecture Presenter: Steven Greenberg, MD

Cognitive Factors in the Design of Effective Medical Education

Video lecture Presenter: Alan Lesgold, PhD

Making a Diagnosis: New Models for Old

Video lecture Presenter: Patrick Croskerry, MD, PhD

Exploring Selected Research on Physician-Patient Communication: Some Practical Implications for Medi

Video lecture Presenter: Donald J. Cegala, PhD



The ABC's of IRT (Item Resonse Theory)

Recorded MedEd webinars André F. De Champlain

Presentation Skills Assessment Tools


M&L Ed on the net: The NHS framework for leadership development