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Resources - About Medical Education

This section includes information about resources for personal use or for teaching purposes, including video clips, images, diagrams and websites. There are two easy to search categories; About Medical Education and About Medicine. AMEE conference videos are available under About Medical Education.

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Title Format Author

Website Various

E-learning on antibiotic prescribing: the role of autonomous motivation in participation. A prospective cohort study.

Text / paper 2. Caris MG, Sikkens JJ, Kusurkar RA, Van Agtmael MA.

Motivational profiles and motivation for lifelong learning of medical specialists.

Text / paper 4. Van der Burgt S, Kusurkar RA, Wilschut J, Tjin A Tsoi S, Croiset G, Peerdeman SM.

AMEE 2015 Symposium 10B: The potential of big data and learning analytics to serve feedback, assessment and entrustment decision-making for training in the workplace

Conference Video Olle ten Cate, Marieke van der Schaaf, Eric Holmboe, Eric Warm, Anderson Spickard 111, Jeroen Donkers

AMEE 2015 Symposium 10A: The Student-Teacher Relationship: Consumer of education or partner-in learning?

Conference Video Matthew Gwee, Chay-Hoon Tan, Ralph Pinnock, Student Representative : IFMSA, Khalid Abdulrahman

AMEE 2015 Symposium 9B: IAMSE Symposium - Flipping the classroom: Imperative or Passing Fad?

Conference Video Kathryn N Huggett, John L Szarek, Boyd Richards, William B Jeffries

AMEE 2015 Symposium 9A: Debate: Medical Training should be delivered by lay teachers/actors role playing and through simulation rather than traditional clinical apprenticeship model

Conference Video Kevin Jones, Nicki Jackeman, Andrew Stanton, A Levy, P Fletcher

AMEE 2015 Symposium 8B: The discourses of simulation education: embracing untapped potential

Conference Video Walter Eppich, Nancy McNaughton, William McGahie, Simon Edgar, Debra Nestel, Danielle Hart, Peter Dieckmann

AMEE 2015 Symposium 8A: Generalism in Medical Education

Conference Video Rachel H Ellaway, Lisa Graves, Charlotte Ringsted, Cynthia Whitehead, Joanna Bates

AMEE 2015 Symposium 7B: Social Accountability: medical students as leaders for sustainable healthcare

Conference Video Stefi Barna, Diarmid Campbell-Llendrum, David Pencheon, Izzy Braithwaite, Hanna-Andrea Rother

AMEE 2015 Symposium 7A: Researching Identities in Medical Education: Divergence and Convergence across Theoretical and Analytical Perspectives

Conference Video Lynn Monrouxe, Rola Ajjawi, Esther Helmich, Ken Mavor, Charlotte Rees, Sallly Warmington

AMEE 2015 Symposium 5B: Faculty development in the Health professions: Best Practice and Future Trends

Conference Video Yvonne Steinert

AMEE 2015 Symposium 4B: Shaping the Future of Technology Enhanced Learning: Take home messages from the eLearning Symposium

Conference Video Stephen Downes

AMEE 2015 Symposium 3B: Revisiting Miller's Pyramid - from "what we know" to "who we are"

Conference Video Yvonne Steinert, Richard Cruess, Sylvia Cruess

AMEE 2015 Plenary 4

Conference Video Ronald Harden

AMEE 2015 Plenary 3

Conference Video Ronald Harden

Medical Education Research Innovation Annual Report 2018

N/A NHS Education Scotland

IM Reasoning

Website Dr. Art Nahill and Dr. Nic Szecket

Medical Education Review: CH 51, A systematic review of the effectiveness of flipped classrooms in medical education

Text / paper Fei Chen, Angela M Lui & Susan M Martinelli

Conception des programmes d’études : un guide CanMEDS pour les professions de la santé

N/A Sherbino, J. and Frank, J.R.

Téléchargez le Référentiel de compétences CanMEDS 2015 pour les médecins

N/A Frank, J.R., Snell, L., and Sherbino, J.

CanMEDS 2015 Physician Competency Framework

N/A Frank, J.R., Snell, L., and Sherbino, J.

AMEE-ESME Online course language options

Images Kennedy, C.

Non-linear dynamics for clinicians: chaos theory, fractals, and complexity at the bedside

Text / paper Goldberger, A.L.

Negotiation Theory and Practice: A Review of the Literature

Text / paper Alfredson, T. & Cungu', A.

A model for programmatic assessment fit for purpose

Text / paper van der Vleuten, C.P.M., Schuwirth, L.W.T., Driessen, E.W., Dijkstra, J., Tigelaar, D., Baartman, L.K.J. & van Tartwijk, J

Professor Harden's PowerPoint Slides from AAMC Meeting 2015

PowerPoint Ronald Harden

AMEE 2014 Welcome and Introduction Session

Conference Video Ronald Harden

AMEE 2014 Awards

Conference Video Various

AMEE 2014 Plenary 1A Meanings of medicine: the convergence and crises of civilisations

Conference Video Richard Horton