Summary: Developing knowledge, science should take step back , observe the nature and get the " explicit and implicit wisdom embedded there" and use it literally and metaphorically to operate and conceptualize human en devours. A lesson we should follow for future designs. Late fix is difficult , Expensive-The irony is that we tends to have an inherent future vision blindness-More gap filling specialization of implementation and translation are they going to be effective. Description: The need for Human to specialize going without saying but we fails to develop the Links and to map the transferable aspects as we zero into our different we start to speak differently language and designs products to fit our recent perceived specificity environment But we are moving towards pushing group of our race to specialize in " Meet the Ends seamlessly " a nervous systems of integration, implementation, transition and adaptation, contextualization and communications acting in two directions " Pushing and Pulling" -Squeezing it in the middle this late -Yet we still have no clear vision of what the big picture will be.