Summary: Time-Line of discovery Story of collected distant major breakthrough in research Gaining momentum Get to be presented in a seamless , comprehensible and even enjoyable narrative is not what should wait for it to be made by the future generation We have the tools to tell our story as it evolving into being Description: I have personal perception of an urgent need to visualize the growing existing medical research literature. The value and benefit of this major undertaking is rewarding. The ease and speed to localize the research gaps, estimate its size and impact. To set priority, for funding and research goals. And of course to update or better Archive a decaying piece that need to be replaced from our existing body of knowledge. I just mentioned few examples but the list will go and on. Then how we could be able to do such huge project. There is growing citing software, secondary data, and science of the. Data classification, mesh and subject search is not enough to get it all from one glance. Even books where majority of our undergraduate students learns are not even cited well-we don’t know how current the information therein!-These secondary and tertiary resources better to be interconnected, self-updating in their E-version. The Time-line and what I can describe as 3D knowledge with interconnected primary, secondary and tertiary information sources, unfolding and expanding on demand, explicitly exposing gaps, Size, location and impact of the much awaiting piece of knowledge. The problem of putting your work into a pool where the searching net need to be designed to collect what we want. The searching process is not seamless nor intuitive. The solution is multi-disciplinary. Teams of Expert librarian, publication companies, and computer software developer. I would recommend small pilot of proof of concept –To act a cellular element analogy- for the developing embryo of knowledge, fit to be scalable multicellular, organic, systems, and hopefully an easily visualized living body of human intellectual activities.