Summary: Undoubtedly, the breakout of coronavirus has deeply influenced the medical institutions and directed the abrupt development of infrastructure for establishing well equipped eLearning set up and educational management reforms in short period of time. In order to establish and enhance the credibility of quick measures in the form of online teaching, I would like to share few highlights which are currently helping us to engage the student’s learning even more than face to face learning. So far, this shift is smooth, promising and enjoyable by staff and students because of flexibility, feasibility and self-spaced learning. Stay virtual mean staying vigilant and more interactive effectively and proficiently. All faculty members and students were curious to know and learn the operational aspects of online learning management system (Moodle & BlueButton). They were excited to adapt to robust learning environment, the quest to gain maximum soft skills and this level of enthusiasm was observed far beyond the formal training workshops during faculty development. Description: It is a right time appreciate the value of curiosity in learning process and motivate the faculty to adopt the change permanently. Although it is the forced absences due to nature of disease, this adaption will eventually reshape the medical institutions and stick to this change in view of variety of learning tools, ability to provide instant feedback, efficient content management and customize the classroom. Staying virtual is indeed stay vigilant Key message is depicted in reflection image attached; for faculty members who deliver courses by lectures and case based discussions for effective online clinical sessions.