Summary: I want to share my thought on the " Possibility of having Teaching instructional material Journal" which is discipline specific ,with editorial quality gatekeeper and peer reviews. to save , time enhance quality of teaching and act a seed for Bigger platform that used the " 10 role of medical teacher " as " framework" for content design. Much time spent on " narrative literature search" for preparation of " content" less time on " instruction design" and collaboration with IT , and more skills needed for LMS Integration. Let us hope this " seed step" to align with the reaming building blocks for better content design,scholarly work, and delivery. across the medical education community in their respective discipline and contexts. This Initiative should have similar collaborative " question bank" and " higher Bloom taxonomy assessment exercise depository. Description: Faculty spend much time in preparation of course materials using their own resources, institution subscription privileges, time , and even some times their Own money as well in order to prepare Quality teaching lecture, assignment, assessment(formative, & summative) , moreover, they have to fulfil the rest of " 10 roles of medical teacher,As Mentioned by Prof,Harden in ESME" ,in addition to that they have to strive to update their medical education,discipline specific scholarly work, time for family, friends, and for themselves to guard against burnout and mental health related complication. I thought that the building blocks of instruction material need a suitable platform for people to " add to and refer and use from" with the quality checks similar like an Editorial ,peer review process for " this " Instructional teaching resource" Journal Articles, Or multi-