Summary: Dr Neel Sharma Description: Strength of a woman.  My last mentor was a woman. Professionally accomplished and harbouring a strong family unit. In fact many of my mentors have been women. Women are finally being recognised in the work place. Something unheard of decades past.

I as a male give true recognition to all the females out there. Why? Well the truth is, as a man I would admit I am much weaker. Yes you heard correct. Physically I am hardly muscular either. But in the workplace, medicine can be cut throat. Politics are always at play, hierarchy is common place. And hence many a time we choose to be silent players in the work place. I speak out on occasion but hardly rock the boat. Career suicide and all. I recall my last mentor’s words to me. Snap out of it she said. I am still very much in awe of her tenacity. She herself admitted that climbing the ranks wasn’t easy. Moving institutions was necessary at one point. Yet her determination led her to success. And now she commands her own centre in a grand global city. A minority in terms of gender certainly.

In the UK, eight medical royal colleges are led by women I wonder what were their struggles, how did they gain strength in a male dominated environment, when even men like myself often don’t step up to the plate. Were there any low points, what were the risks at stake, plentiful I’m sure. I think men need to take note. We can learn a thing or several from our female leaders. We must admit there is certainly strength in a woman.

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