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Medicine through music - don't put the blame on me

Jul 01, 2018

Dr Neel Sharma

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eLearning in Medical Education - Costs and Value Add

May 04, 2018

"To sum up, technology can augment, amplify, enhance, expand and extend our educational efforts as teachers, making useful content accessible; and assisting active learning activities which when done online are easily visible, as well as accessible for more rapid feedback and review. Making regular, incremental efforts to add to our educational content, and refine our learning processes is not only low cost, but also cost effective, particularly when low cost or free online tools and platforms are used skilfully and thoughtfully by teachers with a strong foundation of pedagogical knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of instructional design; working with an ever increasing repertoire and repository of reusable digital content and teaching plans; which are made easily available for a teacher, as well as a larger teaching community to use through an indexed, peer and user reviewed, online digital repository; where not only highly viewed, rated, cited to, linked to, and downloaded material; but also all potential usable and useful material is visible, and accessible; to be used, reused, repurposed, and added to." above quote from Goh, P.S. eLearning in Medical Education - Costs and Value Add. The Asia Pacific Scholar (TAPS). Published online: 2 May, TAPS 2018, 3(2), 58-60. DOI:

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Teaching medical students poster design in the 21st Century

Apr 08, 2018

Posters are used widely at medical and medical education conferences and also in other settings. The 21st century has introduced electronic posters, or e-posters. In order to know how to design and construct effective e-posters, students (and practising professionals) will have to be taught the required skills.

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Curriculum Mapping As a stimulus for organization and Planning

Mar 14, 2018

Leadership and coordinated efforts, expertise and technical support by each of Academic , faculty development,medical education departments -can be considered as once in a life time investment

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Technology to Transform Learning

Mar 01, 2018

Technology can be used to not only support (by blending, traditional with online), enhance, and augment learning, but potentially, and increasingly modify, and transform learning and training.

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Clinical reasoning

Feb 17, 2018

The role of critical thinking ability training in achieving better clinical reasoning skills of medical undergraduate students

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Medicine through music - a millennial's perspective

Jan 19, 2018

Dr Neel Sharma

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Medicine through music – a millennial’s perspective

Jan 11, 2018

Dr Neel Sharma

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