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Educational Products ,mapping and alignment

Nov 03, 2018

Primary information sources has their Journal with respective impact factors and other quality measures , yet the growing secondary and tertiary medical educational content barely represented by publishing trademarks and brand -this for books, as secondary source, courses and master degrees with variable quality need indexing and customer guidance on their use. this will help in adding up towards competency.

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Facing emerging disruptive technologies in medical curriculum development

Oct 31, 2018

Despite the widely use of educational technologies, how they could affect medical students’ academic performance in student-centred curricula remains unclear. Besides emerging technologies in science, the recent breakthrough technology in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, Chatbots, and artificial intelligence (AI) are taking their leaps in medical education.

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The "transition, streamlining and Alignment" heals the Paradox

Oct 20, 2018

Developing knowledge, science should take step back , observe the nature and get the " explicit and implicit wisdom embedded there" and use it literally and metaphorically to operate and conceptualize human en devours. A lesson we should follow for future designs. Late fix is difficult , Expensive-The irony is that we tends to have an inherent future vision blindness-More gap filling specialization of implementation and translation are they going to be effective.

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Medical Literature

Oct 16, 2018

Time-Line of discovery Story of collected distant major breakthrough in research Gaining momentum Get to be presented in a seamless , comprehensible and even enjoyable narrative is not what should wait for it to be made by the future generation We have the tools to tell our story as it evolving into being

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I wish If time return back to be medical student with medical education skills!!

Oct 15, 2018

Medical education skills are important for students to be an effective educational partner.

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Student-centred medical education & Qualitative research tools

Oct 15, 2018

Students engagement, uptake , tuned-in, and collaboration to be better improved by collecting baseline data.

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Virtual Curriculum in Action

Oct 13, 2018

Bidirectional parallel forward and backward immersive virtual curriculum journey with moving and unfolding pathway to help students,new faculty and external evaluator to experience the learning process, it is purpose and outcomes

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Medical education terminology

Oct 13, 2018

The need for Medical education terminology book

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