An article from the AMA discussing academic coaching programmes within medical schools in the United States.


About one-third to one-half of U.S. medical schools have academic coaching programs, and many more are poised to add them. It’s a new frontier in medical education. And while it’s often new to medical students and residents, many times it’s new to faculty too.

The AMA Academic Coaching in Medical Education Video Series features nine short videos that explore academic coaching competencies through hypothetical situations involving both experienced and inexperienced coaches. All of these videos can be accessed for free on the AMA YouTube channel and the AMA Ed Hub™.

A corresponding textbook published this spring, Coaching in Medical Education: Students, Residents and Faculty, explores how successful medical school coaching programs further a variety of personal goals. These include professional identity formation, academic performance, community building, leadership and lifelong learning skills, and clinical skills development.

For more insight on the new textbook, read this great Q&A with the lead authors, who are: Maya M. Hammoud, MD, Nicole M. Deiorio, MD, Margaret Moore, and Margaret Wolff, MD, MHPE. The textbook is part of the AMA MedEd Innovation Series, which provides practical guidance for local implementation of the education innovations tested and refined by the AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium.

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