An article from the AMA on the appropriate questions to ask of your students when you are in the role of an academic coach, and the research behind academic coaching.


Every learner has a dream—something much bigger than a goal—yet many medical students and residents lack a trained and trusted person to help them navigate their personal obstacles to achieve those dreams. But being an academic coach requires much more than sympathy and good intentions.

The art of coaching lies in knowing which questions to ask—and when to ask them.

Following are highlights from “Coaching Models: Demonstration and Practice,” an interactive session at the recent AMA Academic Coaching Virtual Workshop, which provided core questions for academic coaches to ask their coachees to help them better understand the challenges they face and how to overcome them.

The workshop, held in August, also explored the first steps in establishing a coaching program, how to develop and curate materials for training coaches and how to apply coaching to well-being and burnout prevention.

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