A Perth virtual reality software company has signed a $500,000 deal to create modules for training students and dentists in dental procedures.


ASX-listed Vection Technologies says it will be using technology it developed for its client Lamborghini to show off luxury car prototypes in developing the dental training modules.

“We’ve been working on this for three or four months, it’s very exciting,” said Vection director and chief operating officer Gianmarco Orgnoni.

The FrameS Dental software modules are being developed for Italian dental prostheses company D&D, which is pivoting into providing continuing education for dentists.

Once it develops the dental modules for D&D, Vection plans to market them to other dental education providers in Europe and eventually the United States, Mr Orgnoni said.

The work is set to begin by March and to be completed in stages by the end of the year.

Each module will address a dental procedure such as gum incision, bone drilling, root canal work and common dental care procedures, as well as visualising cavities and periodontal diseases.

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