An article from the AMA discussing burnout in medical education, with a focus on location as opposed to specialty.


Admit it: When articles show up in your news feed promising a breakdown of burnout among physicians by specialty, they grab your attention. But a psychologist who’s been working on solutions to burnout says research shows medical specialty isn’t the key criterion. Not at all.

It’s much more specific than that, he says. Much more local. In fact, it follows the old axiom in real estate: Location, location, location.

A webinar on well-being across the medical education continuum, produced by the AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium, features a presentation by Dan Shapiro, PhD, a psychologist and vice dean for faculty and administrative affairs at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine—one of the consortium’s 37 member schools. Shapiro detailed a framework for thwarting burnout by focusing on physicians’ most basic needs first.

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