An article from the American Association of Medical Colleges discussing a recent report which recognises the need for reform to the transition process of student doctors into their residencies.


Each year, tens of thousands of medical students face a flood of potentially life-changing questions.
After many years of a demanding education, how do they nab a coveted residency slot to complete their training? How do they determine whether a residency program — where they could spend the next three to seven years — is the right fit? What can they do to stand out among dozens of applications? And most concerning, what happens if they don’t get a spot?
“The process is so stressful and all-consuming,” says Juhee Patel, DO, a recent graduate of Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, New Jersey. “You focus so much on the next step, and the next, that you can forget that you’re still a student trying to learn.”

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