News article about McGill's four-year Longitudinal Wellness Curriculum that has now been integrated into the medical curriculum.


Undergraduate medical education students across Canada and internationally are reported to face declining well-being and high rates of burnout and anxiety, according to recent studies. To address these concerns, the McGill University Faculty of Medicine’s WELL Office has created a novel four-year Longitudinal Wellness Curriculum that is now integrated with the academic curriculum.
An overview of the Wellness Curriculum was recently published in The International Journal of Whole Person Care.
“Medical schools have the responsibility to protect and foster students’ well-being and resilience through diverse means,” said Camila Velez, a Wellness Curriculum Consultant for Undergraduate Medical Education at the WELL Office and co-author of the article. “A life-long commitment to these practices will likely benefit patients and the health care systems in which physicians operate.”.....

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