Penn Medicine and Penn Nursing have launched a formal alliance with Vingroup, an enterprise that encompasses the university project VinUni, and health service provider Vinmec – in an effort to improve health care and to create new undergraduate and graduate medical training programs in Vietnam.


"Penn is proud to share our 250 years of experience in research and clinical care – steeped in innovation, education, and community service – to help train, educate, provide better care to the citizens around the world ," said J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD, executive vice president of the University of Pennsylvania for the Health System and dean of the Perelman School of Medicine.

The partnership will focus initially on the establishment of medical and nursing schools within VinUni, and on the enhancement of graduate medical education and health care programs within the Vinmec Health Care System. Together, Penn Medicine and Penn Nursing will also work to develop the undergraduate curriculum and align faculty and institutional support structures to establish high caliber educational and training programs.

"The Penn Center for Global Health currently operates Centers of Engagement in Africa and Latin America; extending our reach into Vietnam with the new Center of Engagement in Southeast Asia was a natural step, and a very exciting one for Penn, global health as a whole, and most importantly for the people of Vietnam," said project director Glen Gaulton, PhD, vice dean and director of Penn's Center for Global Health.

Vietnam, a country of roughly 96 million people, has significant disparities in both the access to and provision of health care. The partnership will provide opportunities to implement effective public health approaches such as preventative medicine, mobile health technologies, and population-scale "big-data" analytics. The new initiative is part of the Center for Global Health's strategy of establishing Regional Centers of Engagement to address disparities in health equity worldwide through efforts that unite Penn Medicine's missions of education, research, clinical care and community service.

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