An investment in immersive technology will enable medical students at the University of Central Lancashire to practise working on patients in a virtual reality setting.


The technology has been developed by Oxford Medical Simulation and allows students studying within UCLan's School of Medicine to practise treating acutely unwell patients in a simulated, virtual environment without risking patients’ lives.

The software gives students unlimited access to a clinical simulation library, including learning scenarios such as sepsis, diabetes, heart attack, pancreatitis and many more.

On entering the interactive virtual scenario students are greeted by a virtual nursing assistant and their patient. Learners can question, comfort, examine and treat the patient as they would in real life. Every action the learner takes including diagnosis is recorded, pinpointing areas for improvement and personalised feedback.

The university plans to use the new virtual reality software for medical students based at its Preston, Burnley and Westlakes campuses with the provision to extend usage of the Oculus Quest headsets through immersive placement experience, virtual tours and disability simulators.

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