An article looking at how more than 120 students reviewed over 900 pieces of learning material to inform curriculum recommendations at Queen's University, Ontario


A group of medical students organized a review of all pre-clerkship learning materials related to dermatological conditions in the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) to determine whether those conditions were shown on more than just white skin. Now, they’re sharing their recommendations for change in the curriculum.

“I just noticed that the majority of our lectures were only showing skin conditions on white skin tones,” Iku Nwosu, Med ’22, said in an interview with The Journal. “There were sometimes entire lectures where every single photo was only on white people and, as a Black person, it obviously was unsettling for me to see that.”

“I really just thought to myself: how would I be able to treat myself, my family members, my community members, my Black peers, Black people in general, or even just people who are of a darker complexion if we’re only being taught how things look on white people.”

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