An article from the Times of India discussing the changes to faculty hiring regulations set to cut the number of eligible candidates


In the midst of soaring demand for faculty with hundreds of medical colleges being opened across India, the National Medical Commission's (NMC) teacher eligibility and qualification guidelines have slashed the proportion of teachers with MSc/PhD degree in non-clinical subjects from medical colleges who can be hired as faculty. This change in guideline is expected to affect thousands with such degrees already teaching in medical colleges and those studying for these degrees.Earlier guidelines of the Medical Council of India allowed the appointment of candidates with medical MSc/PhD qualifications to be appointed as teachers in the five non-clinical specialities to the extent of 30% (50% in Biochemistry) of the total faculty strength.

The National MSc Medical Teachers Association (NMMTA) has launched a nation-wide agitation against the new guidelines. NMC was expected to carry forward the MCI's guidelines. The draft released for public feedback by NMC was in tune with the MCI norms. However, when the finalized norms were published through a gazette notification, the permissible percentage was halved to 15% in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry and completely removed for Pharmacology and Microbiology disciplines, sending shockwaves among the Medical MSc/PhD community.

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