An article discussing the needs and expansion of medical education into underserved, out-of-the-way rural locations typically overlooked.


With the focus on punctuating hitherto neglected cities and areas of the Union Territory with the facilities of imparting medical and other higher education, we are on the path of having a new relook into the entire scenario in respect of the medical education

Why should not , therefore, besides the twin capital cities of the Union Territory, efforts be made towards undergoing a turnaround by increasing the opportunities of more and more medical students getting the education facilities in and nearby the far flung areas with a vision to have their services utilised in such areas after being rolled out as Doctors from such institutions. For instance, Doda in Jammu region is a vast area but is relatively not only economically backward but had so far no Medical College for the students of this district until in 2020 when first of such Government college affiliated to Jammu university was established.

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