Redbrick reports on the increasing challenges faced by UK medical schools following the rising acceptance rate


Latest UCAS data shows that over 10,000 people were accepted into medical courses at U.K. universities last year. This number has risen by one third since 2017, when there was a cap of 7,500 students allowed into medical school – a cap which was lifted this year. This is during the coronavirus pandemic, when a historic amount of pressure has been put on hospitals and healthcare professionals worldwide. Additional funding was promised to medical students in 2019, with Boris Johnson saying that all nursing students from September 2020 would be eligible for a 5,000 pound grant.

There is a worry as well that medical schools will not be able to cope with the added amounts of students. The original A-Level results caused an outcry, with an estimation of around 40% of students marked down. Many students lost university places, so, when the improved grades were released, there was a sudden surge in students once again applicable for medical school.

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