An interesting reflective piece about when and how to show care towards learners and navigating healthy learning relationships.


Harvard Medical School student Chloe Li typically dressed in scrubs or an efficient, professional outfit as she went about learning to care for patients in the intense, year-long clerkship program where I teach.
For her capstone presentation on graduation day, though, she wore a cream-colored wrap-around dress of luscious silk, tasteful jewelry and an up-do hairstyle. She had clearly put a lot of care into these preparations. She was a knock-out.
After the presentations, I gave Chloe a huge hug and congratulated her on her top-notch delivery of ‘Cultural and Language Barriers in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer.’ And, as the mother of four daughters in their 20s, I spontaneously added: “You look absolutely gorgeous tonight!”..........

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