Dr Kathy Oxtoby highlights the benefits of getting involved in Medical Education as a clinician (if you are not already) to avoid that plateau mid-career.


After years of training and fulfilling their ambition to be a consultant or GP partner, some mid-career doctors can feel they’ve reached a pinnacle and run out of things to achieve.
Helen Fidler, deputy chair of the BMA’s Consultants Committee and a consultant gastroenterologist at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, recalls that feeling.
“As a junior doctor your career continually moves forward—the next job, next level, next training grade—all the time looking towards the goal of becoming a consultant and getting on the specialist register,” she told The BMJ.
“And when you do, it’s fabulous. But then, after a year or two, you’re ready to move on to the next stage, but you realise there isn’t one, and you’ve got another 30 years.”........

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