The AMEE Simulation Committee provide a report on first responder and nurse inter-professional simulation.


The Simulated Person Methodology (SPM) Lab, York University in Toronto hosted a disaster simulation event in collaboration with the first responders from Toronto Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Police, Toronto Transit Commission and York University as an exercise for the official opening of the York University subway station.

The catastrophic event scenario included a subway accident that was occurring underground and simulations for the rescue, triage, transport and treatment of victims. From the120 students enrolled in a health assessment course, 40 nursing students were trained to portray simulated victims. The other 80 students were acting as nursing learners trying to manage the crisis alongside the first responders.

SPM Lab provided an overview of simulation as an educational approach for learning and practicing technical and communication skills alongside hands on opportunities to explore this simulation environment. Students were engaged by SPM Lab Facilitators in meeting learning objectives through the portrayals, as well as in applying moulage in preparation to take part in the simulation itself.

This event integrated theoretical knowledge and practical experience through the engagement of Simulated Persons which allowed for identification of gaps in knowledge, remediation in real time, problem solving in the field and opportunities for collaboration.

Students highly valued the exercise with many students suggesting a need to provide this opportunity annually as it has changed their view of their roles as nurses and brought meaning to their overall understanding to work with other inter professional members.