A BMJ blog piece from the University of Montreal who share their approach to supporting their patient trainers transition from traditional face to face delivery of teaching to online in response to COVID-19. We hear from the various stakeholders about their experiences with the change in delivery.


Patient trainers and practising healthcare professionals have been co-leading workshops for students in the 13 different departments of health science at the University of Montreal for ten years. The patient trainers are recruited and trained to take on a teaching role by the Collaboration and Patient Partnership Unit (CPPU) in the Faculty of Medicine which is co-directed by Vincent Dumez and Philippe Karazivan, who is a general practitioner. The patients who undertake this training are mostly people living with long term conditions. The workshops form part of a three year shared curriculum between all the health sciences departments and encompass around 4500 students per year (Pomey et al, 2015).....

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