Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles has teamed up with digital health startup Pragma Inc. to launch what may be the first accredited continuing medical education course taught in virtual reality.


The link-up between the Beverly Grove hospital and the Koreatown-based firm doing business as GIBLIB now allows surgeons and medical professionals to stream the 360-degree VR course in gastro-intestinal surgery.

The immersive course lets any doctor with a VR headset into a virtual GI operating room – with surgeon points-of-view or angles seen by surgery assistants, including laparoscopic and robotic camera feeds.

“We are excited to bring Cedars-Sinai medicine virtually to any doctor at any medical facility,” said Harry Sax, executive vice chair of the Department of Surgery, in a statement. “With this technology, other medical professionals can learn our advanced techniques and procedures and ultimately, deliver excellent care to patients across the country.”

Gastroenterology and GI surgery specialties at Cedars-Sinai were ranked No. 3 in a 2018 Best Hospitals edition of U.S. News and World Report.

Pragma Inc., a digital health startup sprung three years ago from the Digital Health Lab at USC, aims to build the world’s largest digital library of medical lectures, surgical how-to and virtual reality videos. GIBLIB, which dubs itself “the Netflix of medical education,” raised $1 million during an April 2016 pre-seed round.

The company films each VR video in Cedars-Sinai’s Essential GI Surgeries course.

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