This may be an uncomfortable read for some but a worthy read. An article from Max Tiako about the BLM movement and medical education. How can we support permanent changes to medical education to make it fairer and remove the systemic injustices that persist?


Founding members of White Coats for Black Lives, an organization started by medical students in 2014, now reflect on the pushback they were initially met with. Medical student activism deemed too “political” or critical of the institution of medicine has often been met with apprehension from the administrations and faculty of academic medical institutions. This dates back to the 1960s, when medical schools weaponized dress codes and professionalism against activists of the Student Health Organizations who fought the American Medical Association’s opposition of Medicare, among other ills of the profession.
What is simply political for some, however, is also personal for me. In September 2019, a bus driver called the police on me. I had just taken my last licensing exam for medical school in Delaware.....

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