Albert Oriol Bosch, former President of AMEE (1990-1993) passed away in Barcelona (Spain) on 2th April at 84 years old. Albert Oriol was an important referent in Medical Education, at the national and international level and he made important contributions to AMEE.


Albert Oriol Bosch was President of AMEE during the period 1990-1993. The time of his presidency was a time of significant AMEE organisational changes that put the basis of AMEE growing during the next years. Albert Oriol was referent in Medical Education at the national and international level. In words of Charles Boelen, the oustanding contribution of Alberto to medical education and medical practice is due to his astute understanding of the imperative relationship between health systems and academic institutions. Achieving higher health outcomes and impact on people’s well being has constantly guided his work, as a teacher, researcher or administrator, in his various institutional leadership capacities. He loved interacting and arguing while involved in concrete implementation projects but never lost sight of where it should ultimately lead to : better health for all.