AVMA Council on Education recognizes its first Asian veterinary college.


After working for a decade to gain accreditation from the AVMA Council on Education, Seoul's veterinary college received the long-awaited announcement after the COE made its decision during its March 16-19 meeting at AVMA headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. Those who graduated on or after Dec. 14, 2018, are considered graduates of a COE-accredited veterinary college.

Everyone in the SNU veterinary college, including the students, congratulated each other when Dr. Seo announced the letter from the AVMA COE. A North American Veterinary Licensing Examination prep club has already been formed by some students, he said.

"We are so excited to be a member of AVMA-accredited schools, and we won't stop continuing to improve our education according to AVMA standards," he said.

Dr. Seo added that the reasons the veterinary college worked for AVMA accreditation are threefold: to meet the rising needs of Korean society, to accommodate the requests of the veterinary students, and to be involved in the advancement of veterinary education across the world.

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