The AMEE Simulation Committee provides a look at the Knowledge Forum Simulation of 2018.


The Centre for Learning, Innovation and Simulation (CLIS), Michener Institute for Education at UHN hosted an introduction to simulation for a group of 16 students aged 10-15 from Mexico, Hong Kong, Ontario and part of a week long Knowledge Forum at the University of Toronto.

The facilitators provided an overview of simulation as an educational approach for learning and practicing technical and communication skills alongside hands on opportunities to explore mannequins and different simulation environments.
The students were then engaged in building a disaster simulation. The group was divided in two with half of the group acting as simulated participants (SPs) and the other half as first responders.  Students were engaged by the workshop facilitators in creating a story and learning objectives, as well as applying moulage in preparation to take part in the simulation itself.

Stem the students created:
An earthquake struck your town today. The building where there was a summer camp was shaken and things were toppled over. It was filled with kids enjoying an art camp. Before you arrived there was an announcement in the building that all people should remain where they were until help arrived. You are here to help as first responders. There will be an adult to guide you.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Use the First Responder ABCs
  2. Use the Communication ABCs
During the simulation debrief the facilitators asked students to think about the following question:  If you are thinking about being a force for public good how can simulation be used to help and teach other kids around the world? Students highly valued the exercise with one student suggesting it had changed her view of the health professions and interest in it as a profession.




Kerri Weir, Roger Chow, Michener Institute of Education at UHN, Toronto