Michelle McLean offers a review of AMEE Annual Conference 2009.


Having attended a few medical education conferences over the years, I have come to realise that AMEE conferences are more than annual academic meetings at which like-minded folk discuss their innovations or address their problems with experts and colleagues from across the globe. Besides being enlightened by some of the latest developments in health professions education, AMEE meetings generally also have some cross-disciplinary infusion to remind us how big the world of teaching and learning is and how important it is to think "outside the box". A personal outcome from AMEE gatherings is the important networking opportunities that one fosters in terms of sharing resources and collaborating on research.

But, more importantly, AMEE meetings are social gatherings. The conferences, often scheduled in interesting and beautiful locations, allow us to catch up with old friends, some of whom we may not have seen for some time, and sadly, some of whom we might never see again. Long-term memories are made at the AMEE conferences as we dine at local restaurants, savouring exotic new flavours and exploring the surrounds. We make friends, often over glasses of the local produce, and although we may not see each other during the year, when we meet up again at the next AMEE conference, we greet like long-lost pals. It usually takes an earthquake or tropical storm for me to miss an AMEE conference. The annual AMEE meeting is the first event to be diarised in my year planner.

SUBMITTED BY: Michelle McLean

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