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AMEE MedEdPublish, 2015, Volume 4, Issue 1

Bullying and undermining; a threat to both patient care and medical personnel wellbeing? A cross sectional survey of the undergraduates, trainees and consultants in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the West Midlands
Authors: Parry-Smith W, Morse L, Sutherland A, Horrocks P, and O'Mahony F

How Students Perceive Problem Based Learning PBL Group Tutorials at a Swedish Medical College
Authors: Szabó Z, Harangi M, Nylander E, Ljungman A, Theodorsson A, Ahn H and Davidsson B
The jigsaw technique of peer teaching and learning An efficient and enjoyable teaching strategy in medicine
Walker S, Olvet D.M and Chandran L

Workplace based assessment in clinical radiology diverse practice and its implications
Authors: Ramsden W. H. and Roberts T. E.

Educational Supervision in Public Health Specialty Training Through the eyes of specialty registrars
Authors: Diley I and Rodrigues V.C

Peer Learning in Higher and Medical Education A Literature Review
Author: Biltucci M.T.
Improving the Quality of Resident Physicians Chart Recording
Authors: Reines A, Rivera C, Habibnejad S, Goldszer R, Cubeddu L.X and Weinberg G

Perceptions of rural practice among metropolitan medical students undertaking a rural health module
Authors: Bourke L and Wright J 

On line learning for Personal and Professional Development in Medicine
Authors: Hennessy A and Frankum B

Learning from the best: Evaluation of a near-peer buddy-scheme for OSCEs for final year medical students
Authors: Bishop K, Green N and Thomas N

A Lack of Consensus on Appropriate Sanctions for Lapses in Medical Professionalism An Observational Cohort Study
Authors: Kaul B, Teal C.R and Greenberg S.B

Results from a simulation based medical team training curriculum utilizing an observational learning model
Authors: Paull D.E, Hoeksema L.J and Williams Linda

Using e-learning for developing new skills for administrative staff
Authors: Calinici T and Drugan T

Einstein Revisited Medicines New Formula
Authors: Arawi T and Berri N

Power, Competence, and Professionalism in Medical Education
Authors: Meza J and Provenzano A

Challenges in practicing and inculcating professionalism in the University of Nairobi: A mixed methods study
Authors: Ojuka D, Olenja J, Eunbae Y and Nimrod M

Assessing the Feasibility and Construct Validity of Cross-Cultural Care Competency with the Script Concordance Test
Authors: Lypson M.L, Ross P.T, Purkiss J.A, Uijtdehaage S, Gomez A and Grum C.M

The impact of an inter-professional induction program on the perception of inter-professional collaboration (IPC) among new staff at a tertiary rehabilitation center
Authors: Lee W.K, Goo L.K, Tan P.P, Lim P.H and Pakkirisami M.

Mapping Understanding of Academic Integrity of Medical Students in a London medical school using the Dundee Polyprofessionalism Inventory I
Authors: Stephenson A and Roff S

Case Competitions: a New Frontier in Inter-Professional Health Education?
Authors: Mishori R, Hannaford A, Rosenwald A, Carroll L.M, Vijh E and Kelly B.B

The place of podcasting in Physiotherapy skills based education
Author: Hurst, K.M

Twelve Tips for Medical Education Reform
Authors: Dong H, Sherer R, Zhou Y, Yang J, Yu B, Fan J, Yu X, Morgan I and Cooper B

Evidencing and Promoting Excellence Closing the feedback loop in Peer Review
Author: Bowater L

Peer Observation of Clinical Teaching A Guide
Authors: Thampy H and Kersey N

Student perceptions on the introduction of training in diagnostic laboratory techniques in an African school of medicine
Authors: Mimano L.N, Ferrari G, Kapanda G, Lisasi E, Kulanga A, Nyombi B, Muiruri C, Kessi E, Bartlett J and Ntabaye M

Medical Students Participation for Developing Professional Identity
Author: Susani YP, Rahayu GR, Sanusi R, Prabandari YS and Harsono

Measuring the Iceberg Quantifying the hidden and informal curriculum in clinical rotations using the Hidden Informal Curriculum Assessment Tool (HICAT)
Author: McGurgan P, Carmody D and Tregonning A

Gaming to Enhance Students’ Patient-Safety Skills: Evaluation of Air Medic Sky One
Authors: Huiskes J, Weijs T, Kalkman C and Ten Cate O

Developing Core Competencies for Naturopathic Medicine Programs in North America: AANMC Core Competencies of the Graduating Naturopathic Student
Authors: Henriksen M, Zeifman M, Thompson H. G, Beasleigh S, Byrd-Vaughn M, Carino J, Clark B, Conner K, Degroot N, El-Hashemy S, Geyer M, Guiltinan J, Johnson J, Mitchell J, Olehausen J, Prenguber M, Sanders J, ScottenD, Staruch A, Yanez J

Global Health Faculty Competency Checklist for US Medical School and Family Medicine Residencies: Development and Initial Validation
Authors: Zink T, Dahlman B, Brink D, Solberg E and Markert R

A study of medical students’ experience of the hidden and informal curriculum in obstetrics and gynaecology
Authors: Carmody D, Tregonning A and McGurgan P

Using peer learning and peer support in medical undergraduate special study components
Authors: Webb E, Okada C and Brooks R

The learning culture in third year clerkships: medical students' perceptions through a coaching lens
Authors: Rosenkrans D, Klamen D and Roberts N

Making choices: how do medical students choose between bachelor electives?
Authors: Schouten L.S, Janssen C.C.M, Bazelmans E and Bosman G.J.C.G.M

Learning Styles of Undergraduate Medical Students: Using the Kolb Learning Style Inventory
Authors: Tha M and Khin N

Professional Bioethics in Graduate Medical Education: a Curricular Innovation to Improve Communication and Professionalism
Authors: Broom M, Guild C, and Ahmadi Nasab Emran S

Physical Diagnosis and Care Coordination in Libya: Medical Mission Work Focused on Capacity Building and Education
Author: Levine S

Educational benefits of engaging simulated patients for interviewing by medical students in undergraduate Adolescent Medicine posting, at NDUM, Malaysia
Authors:Aye S, Mohd. Noor M. A and Suleiman A

A simulation-based trauma education program: Does it improve trauma management?
Authors:Chaplin T, Archibald A, Kaul T and Howes D

Understanding Pimping as a Rite of Passage: An Enduring Cultural Practice in Medical Education
Authors: Meza J and Provenzano A

Investigating the Impact of Preparation Strategies on USMLE Step 1 Performance
Authors: Bonasso P, Lucke-Wold B, Reed Z, Bozek J and Cottrell S

Comparison of learning resources for Medical Pharmacology in a Caribbean Medical School
Authors: Zhong Q and Mohanram A

Understanding Generational Perspectives to Improve Student Engagement in the Classroom
Authors: Rezaee M, Moldovan T and Dereski M

Empathy in graduate medical education milestones
Authors: Bertelsen N S, Miller L, DallaPiazza M, Altshuler  L and Schoenthaler A.

Weaving leadership longitudinally: a qualitative study on faculty development
Author: Joyce P

Medical educators working abroad: Who are they?
Authors: McLean M, Da Silva A, McKimm J and Major S

Adolescent and Young Adult Palliative Care at the UFHealth Streetlight Program: Impacts on Pre-medical and Pre-healthcare Professionals
Authors: Puig A, Lenes E, Ardelt M, Theurer J, Ulmer J.B, Calderon A and Ritz L.A

How to Make an Effective e-Poster
Authors: Masters K, Gibbs T and Sandars