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AMEE MedEdPublish, 2014, Volume 3, Issue 1

Engaging medical students and their teachers with the determinants of health: the approaches and impact of a curriculum development at one large UK medical school
Authors: Wylie A, Leedham-Green K and Tadeka Y

E-Portfolios: Are they useful in occupational therapy education?
Authors: Isbel S, Wicks A and Nuessler S

The acceptability of general practice registrars as teachers: an exploratory study
Authors: Turnock A, Bentley M, Radford J, Sharp K and Presser J

Problem based learning (PBL): tutor perception of group work and learning
Authors: Szabó Z, Harangi M, Nylander E, Theodorsson A and Davidson B

Survey on European postgraduate medical assessments by the Council for European Medical Specialty Assessments (UEMS-CESMA)
Authors: Boorman J, Mathysen D, Noël J, Bloch K, Rouffet J, Tenore A, Papalois V, Sparrow O, and Goldik Z

Integration of a Simulation-based Educational Model in the Medical Virology Curriculum: A Special Reference to the Recently Identified Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
Authors: Atwa H and Al-Rabia M

Delineating simulation-based learning, problem-based learning, and standardized patient instructional approaches
Author: Dong C

Learner safety in simulation based training
Authors: Patel P and Cartledge J

The Teaching Interaction Between Internal Medicine Residents and Fellows on the Wards: A Resident Perspective
Authors: Miloslavsky E and Puig A

Pediatricians in Training: A global child health elective curriculum
Authors: Sweet L R and Held M R

Podcasting in Medical Education: A Literature Review
Authors: Mncube-Barnes F, Walker P, Block R, and Whitehead A

Transmediation from paper-based to e-portfolio
Authors: Wearn A, Booth R, and Shulruf B

How to design a comprehensive lesson plan
Author: Samuel S

Incorporating simulation in residential operating courses: a blueprint for the future
Authors: Gill J D, Reeves F, Myatt A, Adeyoju A A, Symons S J, Browning A.J and Biyani C S

Science Fiction or Fictional Science in Medical Education
Authors:Yalcin B M, Unal M, Pirdal H, and Selcuk Y

Psychiatry Clinical Simulation Online Teaching Modules: A Multi-Site Prospective Study of Student Assessments
Authors: Foster A, Johnson T, Liu H, Cluver J, Johnson S, Neumann C, Marcangelo M, Rosenthal R, Davidson B, Ton H, and Klapheke M

The effect of restriction of reference material in an open-book exam on learning style
Authors: Bosman G, Oostendorp T, and van Kuppevelt T

Instructional technologies in medical education: An important need for Faculty Development
Authors: Pesce L, Fang M, Policeni B, Axelson R, Pettit J and Lenoch S

Student Perceptions on the Role of Instructional Technology in Medical Education
Authors: Are C, Axelson R, Savage M, and Fang M

Can grounded theory provide a framework for clinical reasoning?
Authors: Pinnock R, Welch P, Plummer D, and Young L

Emergency Medicine in Global Health Education
Authors: Ghory H Z, Sperling J D, Scott S M, Mahfoud Z.R, and Konopasek L

Using test scores to optimize neurology e-learning
Authors: Holland N.R, Panchani M, Tabby D, and Cheng J

Use of Card Games as Learning Aids for Veterinary Medical Imaging: A Preliminary Evaluation
Authors: Ober C P and Jessen C R

Team Management - Can music contribute to better understanding?
Authors: Larsen T and Beier-Holgersen R

Learning non-technical skills in anaesthesiology – the role of reflection
Authors: Niemi-Murola L and Silen C

Local Assessment of the Quality of Postgraduate Medical Education and Training by Directors of Medical Education
Authors: El Bakri F, and Rickenbach M

How do Departmental Lead Educators Review the Quality of Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Provided within their departments?
Authors: El Bakri F, and Rickenbach M

The Educators for CARE Program: Demonstrating the Value of Learning Communities
Authors: Osterberg L, Schillinger E, and Tai-Edmonds J

Evaluation of a pilot model of clinical placement for expanding podiatry student capacity within a public hospital
Authors: Leo J, May K, and Bird A

Bedside Teaching: The Past, Present, and Future of the Bedside in Medical Education
Author: Smith J P and Wright C A

Bring Your Own Device into Problem Based Learning Tutorials
Authors: Falconer J, Gray S, and Gaul K

Adverse Event Disclosure Education in Canadian Medical Curricula
Author: Ross E and Ackroyd-Stolarz S

Assessment of Clinical Competency for Medical Students from Dedicated 8-year Programme Based on ACGME model
Authors: Liu YM, Bao HD, Fei Y, Xue W, Zou Y, and Wang NS

Progress testing in postgraduate education in medical microbiology and virology
Authors: Verheggen M M, van Doornum G J J, Muijtjens A M M, Mouton J W, Kuijper E J, Zaaijer H L, Huijskens E G W, van Dam A P and van Tiel F H

The association between conflict management styles and performance of medical students on preclinical and clinical standardized examinations
Authors:Ogunyemi D, Wimmers P, Sugiyama N and Stuber M

Integrating communication skills training in the curricula of 5 healthcare professions: nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiography and midwifery
Authors: Nielsen A, Torring B, and Hansen S

Communication and skills competence using GOPRO technology in a Canadian medical radiation science programme
Author: Lumsden, R

Evaluation of the flipped classroom at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
Authors: Sharma N, Lau C S, Harbutt D, Morris G and Doherty I

Virtual Community Oriented Primary Care: a method to address the ACGME ABFM milestones for community health
Author: Zink T, Solberg E, Yeazel M, Leone B, and Baker N

Is the Textbook dead? – Examining the Technologies Used by Medical Students to Learn
Author: Gooi A C C

Problem Based Learning at Medical School: A Review
Author: Simpson J

Gender Specific Differences in the Perception of Educational Environment in a Developing Country
Authors: Malik R H, Malik A S, Afraz N, Ehsan S. and Hoon O P

Prospective audio-recorded resuscitations using hand-held recording equipment are not feasible in a pediatric ICU
Authors: Taylor K, Ferri S, Yavorska T, and Parshuram C