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AMEE MedEdPublish, 2013, Volume 2, Issue 1

Visualized and Peer-Assisted Learning Embedded in Biomedical Sciences and Respiration System
Authors: Rukmini E and Linarto R

Clinical Skills Education - Building Bridges between Simulation and Practice
Authors: Ker J, Parle J, Lawson M, Fenwick T, Ziv A, Gliva-McConvey G and Iedema R

Exploring the relationship between stress and performance in a simulated workplace environment with final year medical students
Authors: Stirling K, Till H, Ajjawi R and Ker J

Students as Standard Setters – A Quantitative and Qualitative Study
Authors: Rhind S M, Patterson J, Smith S, Phillips C and Gardiner A

Personality Traits and Qualifying Examinations: Do specific personality traits predict the results of cognitive medical studies admission tests?
Authors: Kurzthaler I, Kemmler G, Drexler A, Fleischhacker W W, Hinterhuber H

The New Professional: A case analysis exploring the teacher-student dynamic during an informal learning opportunity in global health
Authors: Currie J and Anderson L

Effect of debriefing guide on student perceptions of tutor performance in problem-based learning
Authors: Al-tawaty W I A, El-Mansoury A M and El-Naas N A

International Clinical Elective in Benin (West Africa): A Medical Learner Survey
Author: Chomienne M H, Mauger S, Murray M E, Kalay A, Roy J A

The Responsibilities and Professional Needs of the Pediatric Clerkship Coordinators
Author: McBurney P G, Nguyen N, Lawless M, Wofford M, Kalady S, Lear K, Byerley J and Currin D

A Web-based Attempt to Acquire Professional Experience in Pathology: The HIPON Project
Authors: Lazaris A C, Seiwerth S, Pavlakis K, Papaliodi E, Vrasidas C, Brcic L, Smeets A, Armenski G, Gusev M and van Krieken J H J M

Teaching hemorheology to medical students
Authors: Toksvang L N and Berg R M G

Studying Medicine – A Fair Process for Graduate/ Mature Applicants in the UK: Reflecting back on National Health Service (NHS) Principles
Author: Muhammad S

Applying a leadership model to the Johns Hopkins Urban Health residency training program
Authors: Fitzgerald A, Ashar B, Feldman L, Gibbons M C and Stewart R W

A critical analysis of the appropriateness of objective structured clinical examination as a method of assessment in a resource-limited environment
Author: Olasoji H O

How well prepared do junior doctors feel for dealing with critically ill patients and skills associated with advanced life support?
Authors: Watmoug S, Ali H and Kennedy T

A Multi-Source Feedback Programme For Oncology Consultants: Reflective Interviews
Authors: Rose C, Tolosa I, and Skelton J

The effect of tutor’s subject matter expertise on students’ collaborative learning
Author: Al-khatib T

New ways to talk about the C-word: Pssst…it’s still CanMEDS
Authors: Sandhu G, Rich J and Walker GR

Infection Prevention and Control: How much do Junior Doctors know?
Authors: Ratnayake L, Parcell B and Phillips G

‘ELEPHANT’ criteria; Do they make teaching more worthwhile, as well as more fun?
Authors: Keane M and Shaw NJ

A model using a brief Pediatric Critical Care Rotation to Enhance Basic Science Education for Medical Students
Author: Gohal G

Interprofessional Teaching Model for Urban Geriatrics
Author: Mix M and Stewart R

Medical students’ mixed attitudes towards case presentations and student-led seminars
Author: Al-Turki Y

Medical student teaching in a private hospital: A positive experience for patients, students, and staff
Authors: Sanaei F, Schnitzler M, Foster K and Arnold M

A single robust strategy for evaluating and improving lectures
Authors: Bezuidenhout J, Nel M and Nel P

Perceptions of undergraduates and postgraduates training in the same setting (as measured by DREEM)
Authors: Senanayake M and Wijesundere D

Pediatric trauma, advocacy skills and medical students
Authors: Wang C, Bratu I, Lewis M, Voaklander D and Gladwin C

Identity Formation in Medical Students: An Elaboration of a Previous Conceptualisation and Review of the Literature
Author: Goldie J

The use of an internet discussion forum for situated learning among a group of geographically dispersed Specialty Registrars
Author: Whittaker. P

Increasing medical student participation in Problem Based Learning
Authors: Knutzen B and Sharma N

Using Apps and Mobile Optimized Websites to Teach Information Literacy to Medical Students
Authors: Kim S, Noveck H, Willett L and O'Rourke K

Asclepius Medical Day Camp: A Student Led Initiative for Youth of Under-Represented Backgrounds
Authors: Jackman A, Gordey E, Dong K and Khera S

Use of an Audience Response System in Course Evaluation and Development
Authors: Cole G, Alsultan M, Alsaawi A and Kattan T

Faculty, Patient and Medical Student perspectives on Communications Skills ability
Authors: Morris M, O’Cairdha C, Donohoe G and Hennessy M

Introducing the Humanities into Medical Education: Sharjah University College of Medicine’s approach
Authors: Mostafa R M, Milz M, Hamdy H and Gibbs T

The feasibility of a community-university based physiotherapy programme for stroke patients for student learning and patient care
Authors: Soundy A, Coffee P, Anderson C and Stirling S

Students’ perception of clinical attire compared with those of patients and dentists
Authors: Tonami K and Mataki S

The Impact of the functional model of service delivery on undergraduate psychiatry education
Authors: Arulanandam S and Yip L

Patient participation in, and attitudes towards, community based medical education
Authors: Mahoney S and Yong T

A questionnaire survey of final year medical students investigating their experiences as an undergraduate and their career intentions while studying at one Medical School in Paris
Authors: Brown J M, Kirton J A, Lopez E, Kalami Y, Chatriot I and Shaw N J

A model of curriculum delivery: the hidden curriculum and experiential learning in the multimedia age
Authors: Wright J and Cruickshank J

The wisdom lost in knowledge: Faculty’s views about the medical educationalists
Author: Safdar CA

A Study into Altruism, Cynicism and Empathy in Medical Students
Author: Bowhay A

Negative verbal feedback and its effect on morale, motivation and performance of trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Author: Sanghi A

Adding value to OSCEs by providing real-time clinician feedback
Authors: Losh D, Ambrozy D, Cunningham C, Struijk J, and Scott C

“If I had Only Known…” The Role of Observerships for Prospective Medical Students
Authors: Sun NZ, Lin C, Lee I, Kim G, Ruhe V and Snell L

An evaluation of Interprofessional Education workshops involving radiography and audiology students
Authors: Huckle J and Devine S

Physicians’ attitudes towards professionalism: A cross cultural phenomenon
Author: Bamuhair S

Reviewing for Medical Teacher – hints to help you through the reviewing process
Author: Allan Campbell, M

An innovative adaptation of Problem based Learning ( PBL) teaching to improve the clinical reasoning skills of a group of International Medical Graduates (IMGs)
Authors: Smalldridge A, Sykes M and Morowa H

Fostering leadership and innovation capacities for change in medical education and medical practice
Authors: Arweiler D, Millette B, Maniate J, Reeves S, Hodges B, Parker S and Martimianakis T

Reflection to Improve SCD Care
Authors: Haywood C, Whiteman L, McGuire M, Ramesh A, and Stewart R

Improving Developmental Screening via Residency Education: A Collaborative Project with the American Academy of Pediatrics
Authors: Wong A, Hicks R, Lerner M, Middleton S, Milton D, and Le-Bucklin K