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AMEE MedEdPublish, 2012, Volume 1, Issue 1

More observation, reflection and feedback for medical students through appropriate instruction and Video Fragment Rating
Authors: Dierssen A, Van Den Dungen J, De Vries J, Ter Meulen D and Heineman E

Current Provision of Understanding Hearing Loss Training in UK and Ireland Medical Schools
Authors: Saunders E, Woodside J, Thomson C, Bailey J and McGlade K

Medical Students’ perceptions of small group teaching: A Qualitative study
Authors: Al Turk. Y

The Working in Health Access Programme (WHAP): impact on school leaving exam results and applications to Medicine
Authors: Houston. M, Lumsden. M.A. and Osborne. M

Procedural Certification Program: Enhancing Resident Procedural Teaching Skills
Authors: Ma I, Chapelsky S, Bhavsar S, Connors W, Fisher M, Schaefer J and Bacchus M

Problem-based learning: a novel approach to ACGME core competencies
Authors: Zlotoff B and Johnson E

Outcomes of a classroom-based team training intervention for multi-professional hospital staff
Authors: Rabøl L, Østergaard D, McPhail M, Andersen H, Bjørn B, Anhøj J, and Mogensen T

Operation Motivation- What drives and sustains surgical learners?
Authors: Maidlow S and Alderson D

Analysis of a current learning environment for first year medical students in Australia
Author: Speed C

They just don’t get it: Using digital stories to promote meaningful undergraduate reflection?
Authors: Anderson E S, Hardy P, Kinnair D, Sumner T and Thorpe L

Faking good: self-enhancement by medical school applicants during assessment of their personal qualities
Authors: Powis D, Bore M and Munro D

Use of the communication assessment tool (CAT) in undergraduate family medicine posting: Comparing self-assessment of medical students with assessments given by their tutors and simulated patientUse of the communication assessment tool (CAT) in undergraduate family medicine posting: Comparing self-assessment of medical students with assessments given by their tutors and simulated patient
Authors: Chean K Y, Khan A, Tan K C, Ho K C, Lim S C, and Goh L G

Integrating Medical Education: Teaching First Year Medical Students About the Influenza Vaccine
Author: Afonso N, Kavanagh M, Swanberg S, Stefaniak J and Band J

Publish or Perish – How to avoid perishing? An analysis of factors affecting peer-reviewed publication
Author: Torrie P A G, Berstock J R, Hayward E B S and Bannister G C

Inter Emergency skill confidence vs. term
Author: Lees M

Core Curriculum Policy Analysis in Medical Education
Authors: Palaoğlu Ö, Demirören M, Aytuğ-Koşan A M, Kemahlı S

Pitfalls in using referee rating scales for postgraduate medical selection: they can be reliable but not valid
Authors: Munro D, Bore M and Powis D

Short but effective educational interventions in medicine and healthcare – lessons learnt from the ‘Need for Nutrition Education Programme'
Authors: Laur C, Thompson B, and Ray S

Planning Nutrition Education Interventions for the Medical Workforce: ‘Nutrition Education Workshop for Tayside Doctors’ (NEWTayDoc) - A pilot project to inform development of the Need for Nutrition Education Programme (NNEdPro)
Authors: Ray S, Laur C, Rajput Ray M, Gandy J, and Schofield S

Stimulating creativity and professional training during the basic science component of medical education: An example from a Russian Medical School
Author: Gubareva A E

Medical Conference Reform: Creating the Patient Centered Conference
Authors: Smithedajkul P, Dupras D and Newman J

Role modeling - not to be mistaken for teaching
Authors: Ross Walker G, Sandhu G and Rich J

The influence of Learning Styles and Personality profiles on Undergraduate medical students’ clinical performance
Authors: Murthy K, O’Neill P, and Byrne G

‘Wiki’ case-based learning for Foundation Doctors: Just another threat to ‘protected’ teaching time?
Author: Mitchell C

Personal and Professional Growth through Community Service: A Medical Student Reflection
Authors: Rios N, Zhang T and Stewart R

Serious Games for Patient Saftey Education
Authors: Aubin D, Burden M, King S, Boechler P, Rockwell G, Henry M, and Gouglas S

Quantitative Evaluation of Public Health Teaching in a Multi-Site Medical School
Author: Leung J and Ross M

Assessment of professionalism in medical students during a longitudinal primary care clerkship
Author: Meli D, Ng A, Ahrens R, Lüscher S, and Schaufelberger M

The Effect of a New Educational Model on the Motivation of Novice Japanese Psychiatrists to enter Forensic Psychiatry
Authors: Okita K, Shiina A, Shiraishi T, Watanabe H, Igarashi Y, and Iyo M

Ethical Virtual Patients
Authors: Hooper C, Michelle A, Law S, Jivram T, and Somasunderam A

Psychometric properties of the Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure (DREEM) in a sample of Malaysian medical students
Author: Yusoff M

Log-book implementation in Anaesthesiology Residency training: A retrospective analysis
Authors: Bartbieri A, Giuliani E and Lazzerotti S