Author: Zink, T., Solberg, E., Yeazel, M., Leone, B., & Baker, N. Publication Year: 2014
Summary: This paper explores Virtual Community Oriented Primary Care and the authors implemented the research at two UM Family Medicine residencies.
Description: Understanding a community’s assets, needs and priorities are important when thinking about the determinants of health. Family medicine residency milestone SBP-3 “Advocates for individual and community health” specifies that a resident should be able to identify community characteristics impacting health, understand the process of community strengths and needs assessment, and collaborate with other practices, public health, and community-based organizations to educate the public, guide policies, and implement and evaluate community initiatives.

The authors created an online COPC module to guide residents the steps of a virtual COPC project. The authors piloted this module for two years in two of eight residencies (n=15). Residents’ COPC topics ranged from more medically focused issues to projects with a public health orientation.

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